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Resto Essenz

Essenz’s chef, Joris Hoefkens (Nuance**, Hof Van Cleve***, Hofke van Bazel, Volta, Verso Café), will indulge you with various ingredients and dishes from the Belgian-French cuisine.

At Essenz, you can enjoy a four- or five-course menu for lunch or dinner. Dishes are also offered à la carte.

opening hours

Monday: Lunch & Dinner

Tuesday: Dinner

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: Lunch & Dinner

Friday: Lunch & Dinner

Saturday: Dinner

Sunday: Closed

Last Sunday evening of the month open for Dinner

Parking nearby is available at Q-Park Kooldok.

Book your table

Essenz – 03 213 12 – Kronenburgstraat 35, 2000 Antwerpen – BE 0739 869 577